Foreign investor



Would you like to have a house-hotel in Greece that could bring you a one-time or over time income?


Do you want to take advantage of the Greek opportunities raised due to the economical crisis?


Do you wish to invest with safety in the property development sector, an area that historically has yielded  gains from 7%  to 25% ?


If any of the above applies to you or if you are just looking for a way of investing, adapted to modern technological developments, in order to gain excellent goodwill, then this business proposal is of great interest to you!




Magic places of land which can accommodate a hotel are sold at 1/3rd of their original price and at 1/10th comparing to neighbor countries.


Invest in the construction of modern bioclimatic buildings that meet the requirements of ecological architecture by saving energy and contributing to the protection of the environment.


We take care of the rest and you earn profit without wasting your precious time.


It has never been a better time to invest in Greece as the tourism sector enjoys a perpetual increase resulting in high profits for the hotels and a high goodwill for your investment.


Annual returns from 7%-15% with safety and near zero investment risk as the investment takes place either at your property or at another investor's property with land commitment. 




Global Investment Trend   


Investing in touristic building and renting of accommodations is one of the fastest growing trends of investment in the world today, and more specifically the rapid growth of short-term leases of private homes to tourists, taking place through online platforms.



Tourism Industry in Greece


Greek tourism remains the most profitable industry sector in Greece, which can directly provide tangible results to the entrepreneur, in as much, tourism is the country's future.


Greece is and will remain an eminently important destination worldwide. A significant contribution to attracting tourists in comparison with competing countries of the Mediterranean is that Greece is still considered a Safe Destination.


The innate hospitality of the Greeks and customer satisfaction for services provided in the hotel industry is significantly higher than the internationally competitive destinations. 


The use of the internet for the promotion of tourism services in Greece is growing rapidly and drastically changing the way customers worldwide interconnect with domestic tourism. Generally the tourism services promotion in Greece is being modernized rapidly contributing greatly to the increase in demand for tourism in Greece.





Our proposition is designed and aims to enhance tourism entepreneurship, involving a level of funding which might be seen as feasible for a large number of potential investors. It underlines the importance of a quality focus in improving both capacity utilisation as well as the potential extension of the “tourist season”.


The business plan is drawn up in the context of developing a critical mass of high quality, relatively reasonably priced, viable and environmentally sustainable tourist accommodation, aimed at tourists seeking a boutique rather than impersonalised accomodations.