The company

EcoHotelMakers is a spin out (new branch) of the construction company WandS and specializes in the creation of ecological accommodation and hotels, from the conception of their idea to their implementation, promotion and management.


EcoHotelMakers employs professional engineers, financial and legal advisers and collaborates with experienced architectural offices and specialized companies in Hotel Management, offering a complete package of services such as:


- Development of econometric studies & business investment plans

- Development of architectural & interior design

- Energy savings studies

- Construction of your eco hotel units

- Development & production of a customized wood-based furniture collection, without melamine

- Marketing and management of your investment

- Customer service

- After sales technical support



With over 15 years of dynamic presence in the field of bioclimatic construction, WandS is a leader in the field of energy buildings with about 200 projects in Greece and Europe.


WandS represents KONTIO in the sector of log constructions since 1999.


It is differentiated by other construction companies by emphasizing in the use of ecological natural materials, innovation, high quality and the scientific level of its staff members.


Constructions with the signature of WandS are designed to be in total harmony with the human and the natural environment, respecting the local architectural conditions and complying with the local building regulations. 



EcoHotelMakers has created a network of independent partners who offer their specialized knowledge covering all areas of expertise required to make a successful investment proposal in the tourism industry.


Through this experienced network, the success of your investment choices and the security of your capital is ensured.


Emphasis is placed on ensuring integrated provision of services to interested entrepreneurs.

Our team

Anastasios Vasilainas

General Manager


Forestry in Greece

Wood Engineering In France




CEO in WandS since 1999


Sofoklis Papadopoulos

Financial Consultant


Finance & Banking Administration in Greece

Banking & Finance in Scotland



Senior Financial Consultant in

Universal Business Analytics Ltd

Vasilis Varelas

Tax Consultant


Economics at Athens university




Tax consultancy since 1997



Antigoni Kouka



Solisitor at Athens university

Master in Germany




Solicitor since 1996