How it works

EcoHotelMakers is a construction company that designs and builds timber-frame villas & hotels of the highest ecological standards.

Our company offers investment proposals to individuals, as well as companies that wish to invest safely into the real-estate & tourism sector in Greece.

These proposals are aimed for investors and land owners, whose funds typically start from a few thousand euros.


EcoHotelMakers coordinates all the involved stakeholders:

  • Investors
  • Landowners with touristic potential
  • Architects - Engineers
  • Constructors - Builders
  • Marketing - Promotion
  • Management
  • Customer Service

 EcoHotelMakers provides the following services:


We research and analyze suitable investment proposals based on your needs and your investment abilities. We bring together landowners, investors and people who are likely to work in the tourist sector.

2. Design & Implementation

We construct custom-made spaces, apartments, residences, villas and hotels of the highest aesthetics, function & quality for you. We also undertake the management and maintenance of facilities during their operation, as well as after sales technical support.

3. Management & Customer Service

If you wish:

We undertake the complete management of your investement property from the beginning of the operations to key delivery to the visitors. Our fully integrated services include:

Management of reservations and accounts trough online platforms such as Airbnb, Booking, Xotel etc.

Check in - check out system.

Full cleaning, maintenance and concierge services.

4. Promotion & Communication in Targeted Markets

We offer promotional and advertising services that will maximize your profits by attracting bookings to the tourist accommodation.

The innovation of the idea lies in:

  • Τhe modern, ecological way of building the units with the exciting atmosphere, elegance and comfort offered by EcoHotels, the design of which is based on the satisfaction of the ecological requirements of customers/visitors.
  • Managing them with the latest online applications and social networks.
  • In the network, which will offer the benefits of cooperation and strength in the union.


Our clients are at the very heart of everything we do. Providing excellent services that meet discerning international standards is our hallmark, regardless of where the project takes place.

Moreover, you can be assured that while collaborating with us you are supporting sustainable construction methods while protecting the forest.








Business plans, examples and case studies can be discussed and analyzed.