Αverage daily rate (ADR) is used to indicate the average realized room rental per day and it is  used to measure the operating performance of a lodging unit such as a hotel or motel.


Hybrid Building Technology

Hybrid Build technology with smart walls system offers enormous construction capabilities both in building new buildings and expanding and maintaining existing ones.


The technology can be applied to an existing load bearing frame structure (concrete or metal or woodedn) or to a new one.


Non load bearing walls built in our production plant, are transported and placed up to 40% faster than conventional ones, offering the ability to create quality buildings with even design, ergonomics and low energy footprint.


The innovation of the idea lies in the following:

  • Bioclimatic design combined with architectural design and modern design principles.
  • Easy and quick placement resulting in cost savings for the customer and the engineer.
  • Range of material choices both on the internal and external cladding of the smart wall.